Monday, April 8, 2013

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." -Walt Disney

       Have you ever heard a caged bird sing, a beautiful song that amplifies the curiosity in its heart? Squishy and El Fonizo sang back and forth to each other on a daily basis. They sang about an outside world of wonder, one they would like to visit. As they sang and sang the image of a beautiful pond flooded the listeners mind. It was a quaint pond in the middle of a forest. It was filled with lilies on lily pads that waltzed in the wind on the glistening surface of the water. The frogs croaked, the bees buzzed, and the butterflies floated from flower to flower. If they could only reach this state of purity, they would sing beautiful songs forever.
       Squishy spotted a big machine with four wheels just a little ways from the window. "I've got an idea! El Fonizo come quick! Do you see that thing the humans ride around in out there?" El Fonizo didn't squawk a word. He simply looked at Squishy with a look of praise and headed towards the door. Although their wings were clipped, so they couldn't fly very far, they got to the automobile very quickly. Luckily, the window was left open and they had enough humph to fly in. They pushed a button to start it and they both took one side of the steering wheel. Off on their first real adventure, they realized they didn't know where to go. They drove and drove until they came to a huge forest and decided their oasis was in there. El Fonizo turned the car off and they flew out of the window. What seemed like hours later, Squishy spotted something glistening off in the distance. El Fonizo quickly looked and squawked, "You have great eyes Squishy!" They rushed over to the glistening pond. It was even better then they imagined! An angelic noise began to over power the frog and bees. El Fonizo and Squishy were the happiest of friends and continued to sing breath-taking songs for the rest of their days.